Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The idiocy left behind (The Australian, September 2010)

From where on the ideological spectrum do you imagine the following sentence derives?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has brains and beauty and is a gift to those of us who like our prejudices confirmed.

No, it’s not some snarly ex-Trot sounding off on Spiked.com; nor some male-chauvinist cleric putting Hirsi Ali in her place for daring to criticise Islamic dogma. It is, in fact, the impeccably liberal writer and publisher Hilary McPhee, writing in The Age in July of this year. And McPhee goes further, describing Hirsi Ali as ‘disturbing’ and ‘delusional’ and more than implying that if she didn’t exist we in the West would have to invent her. Even her books, McPhee suggests, wear their ‘single-word titles like brand names’. [More here.]

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